Faculty Mentoring Committees

The dean consults with division chairs and assistant professors new to the School of Pharmacy to constitute a 3-4 person mentoring committee and to name a chair, which is intended to provide support, guidance, evaluation of grants and manuscripts, peer evaluation of teaching, and any other advice with the intention of successfully moving toward promotion with the award of tenure or in definite appointment.  Mentoring committee members will be drawn from the members and advisory members of the Executive Committee.  Mentoring committee members may be from different divisions of the school and from outside the school, if particular expertise is desired.  A meeting of the mentoring committee may be called by the faculty member or by the chair.  One annual meeting, called by the chair, is required to prepare a report on the faculty member’s progress to the Executive Committee. However, more frequent meetings, called by either the chair or the faculty member, and informal interactions are encouraged and desired to provide as much support and guidance as possible.  The importance of properly mentoring our junior faculty cannot be overstated, and the mentoring committee is specifically responsible for appropriately and fully carrying out this function.

Tenure-track assistant professors select membership in one of four university divisions: Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, Social Studies, or Arts and Humanities.  Divisional guidelines and expectations for achievement of tenure can be found at https://secfac.wisc.edu/tenure/.

CHS and clinical track assistant professors are subject to the policies for the achievement of indefinite appointment, considered equivalent to tenure, which can be found at https://acstaff.wisc.edu/personnel/indefinite-appointments.

Compiling all the materials for both school- and university-level review for promotion to associate professor with the award of tenure or indefinite appointment, including solicitation of outside letters, is the joint responsibility of the mentoring committee chair, the division chair, and the assistant professor. 

Associate and full professors new to the school may request that a mentoring committee be convened to assist them as well.

The composition of mentoring committees can be changed at the request of the faculty member or the mentoring committee chair.