SOP Faculty

Membership in Departmental (School of Pharmacy) Faculty

All tenured and tenure track faculty hold membership in the departmental faculty and, as such, have the right to vote and otherwise participate in the governance of the department (school).  As permitted by UW Faculty Policies and Procedures, the Executive Committee (see Chapt 4.10 ) has extended the right to CHS and clinical faculty to participate as voting members of the departmental (school) faculty.  This includes the right to: (a) participate and vote in departmental (school) faculty meetings, (b) participate in the election of appropriate division chairs/vice chairs, (c) participate on all school committees , either by election or appointment by the dean, (d) participate and vote in student appeals to the faculty of disciplinary actions, and (e) follow the same processes as tenured faculty for annual reviews, periodic post-promotion reviews, and salary adjustments.  This relates to the vital and expansive role played by the CHS and clinical faculty in the multiple missions of the school, the perspectives and wisdom provided by their background and expertise, and their concern for and interest in the future of the school.  The Executive Committee members believe that these features argue for ensuring that the voice of the CHS and clinical faculty is heard and their views are considered in school decision-making to the extent permitted by university policy.

Based on the core values of inclusion and respect for the valuable contributions of the CHS and clinical faculty, the Executive Committee members intend to convey this right on an on-going basis, but a formal vote is required every 3 years.