Space Allocation Policy for SOP

  • The basic concept is to provide a fairer, equitable and more transparent method in which decisions regarding space allocation in the SOP can be made.
  • Assessment of SOP’s faculty and staff current and future space needs should be conducted before assigning new space or relocating any space.  The Division Chairs, Vice Dean, Associate Dean for Administration, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and the Associate Dean, Marketing & Communications and Chief Marketing Officer would conduct the assessments of their respective personnel.  In particular, the assignment and usage of common space in the research tower needs to be updated via consultation of faculty and staff in the research tower.
  • There should be discussion and a determination of the minimum space assigned to each faculty and staff member.
  • There would be two separate space committees:
    • One dealing primarily with non-laboratory space on the first and second floors of the SOP and
    • Another space committee* dealing with laboratory space [primarily located in the research tower, first floor (AIC) and second floor (Zeeh Station)].
  • The composition of the non-laboratory space committee would be the greater DAC since the greater DAC contains representatives (both faculty and staff) that oversee this space.
  • For both committees, the process for making decisions concerning additional or relocation of space would proceed as follows:
    • A formal space request from a faculty or staff member would first be made to the appropriate space committee. The formal request for space would include a justification for why extra space or relocation is needed as well as the amount of space required.  In addition, if the formal space request involved the wet lab space, then the request would follow the guidelines specified in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Space Policy.*   
    • The appropriate space committee would then determine if the space need warranted consideration.
    • If so, the request would be forwarded to the Building Manager to provide possible space possibilities to the appropriate space committee.
    • Space requests confined to their respective divisions, including for affiliated research centers and institutes, would normally be determined by that division.  The same is true for space under the supervision of the Vice Dean, Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Associate Dean for Administration and the Associate Dean, Marketing & Communications and Chief Marketing Officer.  Note: The Vice Dean and Associate Dean for Student Affairs would handle classroom and teaching space issues.
    • The appropriate space committee would then meet with all stakeholders to work towards obtaining the best possible space allocation decision.
    • If no consensus can be obtained between the appropriate space committee and the other stakeholders, the space committee will make a recommendation to the Dean for a final decision.
  • Note:  If space requests lead to subsequent new space assignments or relocations, then an assessment of any costs involved needs to be determined by the Building Manager, Associate Dean for Administration, and the Dean.  The results of this cost analysis may impact whether or not the space allocation is approved or if it needs to be modified.

* Please see the Pharmaceutical Sciences space policy for allocation of this laboratory space.

Approved April 17, 2020