Copyright Resources

Copyright and Teaching

Ever wondered whether those textbook images you use in your lectures fall under Fair Use? Uncertain about what can and cannot be photocopied and distributed to your students? The resources below will help you sort out the answers. Copyright Basics (UW Libraries) Copyright information and education. Copyright Basics (Presented by Rhonda Sager, Academic Librarian & Library Liaison to the School of Pharmacy) – Intellectual property, Fair Use, how to apply Fair Use, and copyright issues as related to course packets Library Copying / Other Reproduction (UW Libraries) Using Copyrighted Work in Your Teaching – FAQs

Retaining Your Rights When You Publish

If you’ve just submitted a manuscript to a journal or book publisher, you may be wondering how to negotiate with them to retain rights to post an eprint of your article online or use it for teaching purposes. The resources below provide useful information in this important area. Sherpa RoMEO Provides a list of publishers and their associated copyright agreements. Use the RoMEO service to search for a publisher, or a particular journal, to see what rights are assigned to publishers and which are retained by the author. Take Action (UW Libraries) Faculty and researchers can positively influence the scholarly communication and publishing system and increase access to and impact of research results. Information on controlling your copyright, archiving your work, alternative forms of publication, and more. UW System Copyright Law Office of Administrative Legal Services