Suggestions for Accommodating IPPE Students


With the goal of decompressing the curriculum, it is increasingly challenging for students to complete their required hours in community and hospital pharmacy settings during non-academic times (e.g. evenings and weekends). It is therefore proposed to include a statement in your course syllabus that outlines when and how accommodations can be made for IPPE pharmacy site visits. Some guiding principles include:

    • If an in-class quiz or attendance requirement exists, student should not be penalized for completing another course’s requirement if they alerted the course coordinator in advance.
    • Lecture capture should be utilized and posted in a timely manner (1-2 business days)
    • Laboratory activities: if a student is not amenable toward coming to another session, student will not receive credit for the work they missed.

Proposed Course Syllabi Language:

If you are unable to attend a class [or discussion/lab] session due to IPPE pharmacy site required experiences (i.e. PROs), it is strongly recommended you alert the course coordinator 2 weeks in advance by email. Your pharmacy site visit is subject to verification by the course coordinator. [If you can attend an alternate discussion/lab session, please advise the coordinator.] You will be responsible for all of the material presented in the session, however if an in-class quiz occurs or attendance is taken you will not be penalized due to your IPPE commitment. Exam periods are not excused for student completion of IPPE requirements. This accommodation does not apply to a student’s work commitments, other IPPE activities or general studying.

Faculty and Staff Approved December 13th 2016